About Dr. Kaveh, MD

Dr. Anthony Kaveh is a Silicon Valley engineer turned doctor, completing medical school at Stanford, medical internship at UCLA, residency at Harvard, and fellowship training at the University of Arizona.

He has shared stories about the human potential revealed under anesthesia with millions over social media, revealing powerful healing experiences to reduce anxiety, pain, addiction, and other debilitating mental health conditions that reduce employee productivity.

With over 400,000 followers on social media, Dr. Kaveh inspires audiences to naturally take control of their health by revealing what your body is capable of accomplishing, even if you retain no memory of it. The mysteries of the human body under anesthesia, especially as the body reveals its past life experiences, is a unique and motivating window into our health, productivity, and happiness.

  • Residency - Harvard (Brigham and Womenโ€™s Hospital)
  • Medical School - Stanford
  • Fellowship in integrative medicine - Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine, University of Arizona
  • Internship - UCLA-Olive View
  • BS in engineering - UC Berkeley