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Efficacy in treating refractory conditions
Growth of peer-reviewed publications in last 10 years
Client interest in psychedelic medicine in last 10 years
Years of clinical ketamine use
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Psychedelic assisted therapy for your clients

Thousands of peer reviewed papers are published every year on the effectiveness of ketamine and psychedelics for a growing range of treatment-refractory conditions. These include depression, anxiety, chronic pain, PTSD, migraines, and other debilitating conditions.

Increasing data support the efficacy of combining psychedelics with traditional therapy to enhance the effects of both. These effects are particularly pronounced for clinical hypnosis.

Our concierge IV infusion model uses these powerful medications to provide key benefits to your existing therapeutic relationship:

  • Rapid onset of action by immediately crossing the blood-brain barrier
  • Real time dose adjustments to respond to client/provider feedback
  • Provide evidence-based, supplementary therapies to address additional conditions (pain, phobias, etc.)
  • Integration of infusion timing with therapy sessions (coincident or sequentially scheduled)
  • Recommend a holistic treatment plan, including evidence-based natural supplements

We offer combinations of in-person and virtual consultations and follow-up appointments. Our office is easily accessible with onsite parking.

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Harmony Infusion is Different

Our world class doctors combine Eastern and Western medicine to deliver care unlike any other group to the San Francisco Bay Area.

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World Class

Ivy League physicians trained in East-West medicine

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Rapid Relief

IV infusions enable faster treatment than mail order ketamine services

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Physician Guided

Patients are treated directly by a board-certified MD