Ketamine infusions and clinical hypnosis can offer breakthroughs for anxiety and the panic attacks that come from it

How do Infusions Help Anxiety and Panic Attacks?

Anxiety can arise from diverse triggers, both internal and external. Some patients may have an underlying genetic susceptibility. Other patients may have medical conditions that exacerbate their anxiety.

  1. Genetic susceptibility to anxiety
  2. Concomitant depression
  3. Medical conditions that cause or exacerbate anxiety
  4. Environmental triggers (death, separation, personal or financial hardship, etc.) can cause or worsen anxiety
  5. Medications can influence anxiety symptoms, such as stimulant medications

Some patients may not be able to control their anxiety with medications and psychotherapy. Ketamine infusions and medication assisted psychotherapy offer a breakthrough treatment for treatment resistant anxiety and its crippling panic attacks.

Ketamine modifies glutamate levels, regulating the fear and stress response

Glutamate is a powerful neurotransmitter involved in our sense of fear and stress response. Ketamine modulates glutamate levels and NMDA receptor activity to fundamentally alter our response to triggering stimuli, perceived or real.

While anxiety has many causes, there are underlying biochemical and psychological disturbances that limit your ability to recognize cognitive barriers to re-engaging with yourself.

The powerful anti-depressant effects of ketamine (as a powerful NMDA and glutamate receptor antagonist) can particularly relieve anxiety in patients suffering from both depression and anxiety. This can re-shift the biochemical balance in your brain to help restore your inner healing potential. Traditional anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications simply don't have this same effect.

Anxiety is often a consequence of cognitive rigidity

Cognitive rigidity underlies many psychiatric conditions and personality traits, including anxiety, compulsivity (OCD), eating disorders, and trichotillomania. It's not an unwillingness to change, but it's a neurochemical inertia that can make changing habits and routines incredibly difficult. Ketamine and medication assisted hypnotherapy can help restructure rigid cognitive loops through neuroplasticity - literally helping re-wire rigid neurological habit loops.

Medication assisted hypnotherapy as a powerful treatment for anxiety

Medication augmented hypnotherapy disinhibits your frontal cortex, allowing you to interact with your therapist, and yourself, differently. This can also help you uncover your hidden healing potential to overcome your anxiety. Both ketamine and clinical hypnosis help you break cycles of cognitive rigidity and can be performed with your therapist with the goal of achieving lasting relief. Many patients are able to reduce medication requirements while others are able to live medication-free after their sessions are complete.

Safety of ketamine and clinical hypnosis treatments

Unlike traditional anti-anxiety medications, in particular benzodiazepines like Xanax, our infusion treatments are very safe.

By reducing the need for traditional anti-anxiety medications, many risks can be reduced, including addiction and possibly cognitive decline.

Infusions allow for faster action

Unlike oral dosing, IV infusion rates can be modified instantaneously to allow for more rapid therapeutic effect. There is no need to wait for the effect of a pill to decide if the next pill dose should be changed a week later.

What to Expect with your Anxiety Treatment Infusion?

Treating anxiety for long-term relief requires more than just medication. Medications alone runs a serious risk of anxiety symptom relapse, including panic attacks.

Personalized infusion treatments with ketamine or medication assisted hypnosis provide anxiety relief

Your personalized plan will integrate Eastern and Western medical treatments to give you the fastest, longest-lasting results. This includes:

  1. Contact us for a free consultation to determine if you are a candidate for ketamine or clinical hypnosis therapy
  2. Schedule a holistic medicine intake to develop a personalized, integrated anxiety treatment plan
  3. Prepare for your first infusion experience with your individualized nutrition, supplement, and sleep plan
  4. Continue 4-6 treatment sessions over the next 1-2 months, adjusted to your symptoms

IV infusion treatments offer rapid relief from anxiety

We will discuss your symptoms throughout your treatment journey, allowing for instantaneous changes to your infusion.

You will save valuable weeks in your journey by avoiding the slower feedback times experienced with oral medications, including mail-order, oral ketamine tablets.

Getting Started with Ketamine and Clinical Hypnosis Infusions

To learn more, contact us to schedule a free consultation to learn if you're a candidate for ketamine and clinical hypnosis infusions. We will also discuss other potential treatment options, such as medication-assisted clinical hypnosis.

You are more than a patient

Our clients are not treated like patients that come-and-go. We tailor our treatments to you as an individual. We take into account your

  • Personal history (traumas, triggering events)
  • Medical history (heart health, dementia)
  • Medication history to find medication side effects that may contribute to your depression
  • Treatment beliefs

Tell us how you believe your health can be better

By integrating Eastern and Western medicine, we respect and empower your beliefs to help you heal. We believe that the best treatment is the treatment that resonates with the patient, and that's why you're here. We tailor our protocols to your life experiences to give you the best possible healing experience.