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Pricing FAQ

Learn about ketamine infusion safety, experience, and more


Why does pricing vary?

The right treatment plan depends on your personal and medical history. Our holistic medical approach is to personalize your treatment plan, which is determined after your holistic consultation. Based on the therapy that is right for you, final pricing may vary slightly.


Do you accept insurance?

Sadly, the present insurance system does not typically cover integrative medicine consultations with associated infusion therapies. You are welcome to request reimbursement from your insurance provider for the services we provide.


Why are your services not covered by insurance?

Our Ivy League trained doctors offer a unique integration of East and West medicine. At present, insurance providers do not have consistent reimbursement schedules for this unique and powerful medical practice.


How does ketamine infusion therapy work?

Check out our knowledge base! Ketamine has been used for decades with a favorable safety profile, and it helps us uncover our innate healing potential. Ketamine, like other psychedelics and meditative practices, allows us to disassociate diseased thought patterns (eg depression, anxiety, addiction, etc.) from our deeper sense of self. This disassociation is believed to be responsible for its powerful effects.


How do I know if your infusion therapy is right for me?

Contact us for a free consultation to learn if you are a candidate for one of our infusion therapies. Candidates for treatment will have a thorough medical history and physical to learn the best treatment options available for their condition(s).