November 22, 2022

Treating Chronic Pain at the Source: Ketamine Infusions

Treating Chronic Pain at the Source: Ketamine Infusions

Chronic pain affects more than 1 in 5 people in the United States, and it has serious consequences with addiction disorders:

Unfortunately, conventional medicine rarely treats the root cause of chronic pain and its addiction consequences. Unlike conventional medications, ketamine infusions have the incredibly potential to help treat the root cause of chronic pain and addictions.

Chronic Pain Chemicals in Your Body

Chronic pain is pain that lasts greater than 3 months. Chronic pain causes real chemical changes in the body:

Chronic pain can often be overcome when the habit loop is recognized

How Psychedelics Change Chronic Pain in Your Brain

Cognitive rigidity is a common source of both acute and chronic pain. That's because habit loops underly so much of our pain perception. Look at these examples of habit loops:

  • A child falls, senses parental anxiety and fear, and receives parental consolation by crying
  • An adult trips over a rock, their body goes into high-alert mode, any pain from the rock is intensified by the high-alert nervous system
  • You stub your toe, you feel angry at being careless, that anger fuels your nervous system to intensify pain
  • A patient is anxious before surgery, their brain enters "fight or flight mode" after surgery, all pain is intensified for days and possibly weeks
Psychedelics help rewrite the habit loops that may be causing our suffering

These habit loops aren't always bad. These loops can be lifesaving, like in these examples:

  • You are in a car accident and sustain substantial blood loss: you feel the pain and shift your brain in overdrive
  • A bicyclist loses balance and is about to swerve into you: you immediately mobilize your muscles and heart to jump away

In short bursts, a habit loop revving up stress hormones can be lifesaving! But these same cognitive habit loops cause suffering and pain in the wrong context. Addiction is an extreme type of habit loop. This is why cognitive flexibility from psilocybin is believed to help the brain reinterpret pain signals and reduce pain.

Psychedelics Rewrite Habit Loops

Dangerous habit loops can be changed through neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is simply the process of rewiring the brain, including the neurons that are responsible for habit loops.

One of the major benefits of psychedelics, including ketamine, is the ability for them to provide insights into alternate habit loops. This is incredibly powerful because it's much easier to replace habit loops than erase them.

IV ketamine infusion therapy rapidly provides my patients with powerful, vivid insights into self-identity. Through these experiences, patients discover alternative paths to healing their habitual thought patterns. This insight and empowerment is the foundation of self-healing, as patients may never before have had this insight and hope.

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