November 18, 2022

Medication Assisted Hypnotherapy: What to Expect

Medication Assisted Hypnotherapy: What to Expect

Clinical hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help you discover your inner healing potential.

Learn more about the science behind clinical hypnosis in Dr. Kaveh's article.

What to expect in clinical hypnosis

Our healing experience typically takes 2-8 weeks, with many patients experiencing relief after the first session. The time to experience improvement can vary based on the individual.

Step 1: Are you a candidate for medication assisted hypnosis?

Contact us for a free consultation to determine if medication assisted hypnotherapy is right for you. This should take less than 15 minutes.

Step 2: Holistic medical consultation

Meet with one of our specialists to form an integrative health plan. Since medications alone rarely provide sustained relief, our approach is to give you a complete healing plan to address the root cause of your condition before starting your infusion sessions.

Our healing plan will include:

  1. Natural supplement recommendations
  2. Dietary recommendations
  3. Sleep medicine plan
  4. Physical activity schedule
  5. Complementary therapies (acupuncture, etc.)

Our consultation will be over our secure video platform and take about 30 minutes. We will then schedule your first infusion session.

We integrate natural therapies whenever safely possible

Step 3: Begin your medication assisted clinical hypnotherapy

You will begin your infusion in our office under the supervision of our expert physicians.

You are encouraged to invite your licensed therapist or hypnotherapist to join you, either in-person or virtually.

Teaching you self-hypnosis is one of the greatest tools patients can learn during the sessions. This can help patients learn to treat themselves, even without medication.

When appropriate, biofeedback will also be used with hypnosis to make the experience more effective. These techniques will be taught by your doctor so you can use them at home.

Your progress will be assessed during and after your session. This will help your doctor modify dosing as needed to give you the fastest, most effective infusion therapy.

Step 4: Apply your experience to daily life

You will have contact with your doctor throughout your experience. Since medication can help improve your susceptibility to hypnosis, it's important to learn how you can enter a similar hypnotic state without medication. This can help your use your healing potential throughout daily life.

Biofeedback and other powerful hypnotic techniques will be enforced throughout your experience. This empowers you to integrate your hypnotic experience in your daily life.

Without this important step, the benefits of treatment run the risk of fading over time. Our emphasis on this step sets Harmony Infusion apart from other services that emphasize medication infusions over patient experience.

Contact Harmony Infusion and schedule your free consultation to start your healing journey today.

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