It's Time to Rediscover Yourself

IV Ketamine infusion therapy rapidly treats depression, anxiety, and pain. 90% of patients experience relief, starting in just 1 hour. Book your consultation today with our specialists in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Woman experiences a psychedelic to overcome her depression and chronic pain. IV ketamine is helping her heal herself by Harmony Infusion Therapy Clinic

I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being

- Hafiz

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Harmony Infusion doctors are graduates of Harvard Medical School
Our world class physicians at Harmony Infusion are graduates of Stanford Medicine
Physicians of Harmony Infusion are graduates of UCLA medical center
Dr. Kaveh has been featured in numerous online news outlets, including WebMD
Business Insider has featured an interview with Dr. Kaveh

Harmony Infusion is Different

Ketamine Therapy

Mail-order Ketamine Treatments

Rapid symptom relief



Personalized treatment

Precision dosing

Limited doses

Efficiency (bioavailability)





Not safe for all patients





Proprietary protocols

Oral Rx limited

Specialized doctors

Stanford & Harvard trained


Breakthrough Treatments

IV infusion therapy brings the fastest and safest relief - you've waited long enough for your breakthrough. Easily visit our office in the Bay Area.

Value in Finding Relief

Ketamine Therapy

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)






Serious risks

Side Effects


Memory impairments

Relapse Prevention

Personalized Therapy

Proprietary protocols

Specialized doctors

Stanford & Harvard trained


What makes us different?

Our board-certified, integrative medicine experts help patients rapidly and sustainably overcome debilitating health conditions. We serve the San Francisco Bay Area with our easily accessible office.

Dramatic improvement can be achieved in a single infusion session. Sustained response can be achieved after only 4-8 weeks.

Harmony Infusions Clinics offers specialized ketamine, hypnotic, and NAD infusions to help patients throughout the Bay Area uncover their healing potential.

Ivy league, board certified doctors

Harmony infusion doctors are trained at top institutions, including Stanford, Harvard, & UCLA

Dr. Anthony Kaveh MD is a board certified anesthesiologist and psychedelic medicine specialist to help patients uncover their inner healing potentials to treat depression, anxiety, PTSD, and so much more

Personalized treatments

Holistic consultations before starting your journey provide you with personalized care for the optimal healing experience

A patient is holding hands with their doctor, symbolic of the personalized treatment that all patients deserve and receive with Harmony Infusion Therapy Clinic

Unlock you inner healing potential

Our East-West trained physicians empower you to discover your healing potential to live healthier and with fewer medications

A comfortable woman reclining with her eyes closed - she represents a state of serenity and peace that is achieved with Harmony Infusion Therapy Clinic

Patient stories

Hear what patients across the San Francisco Bay Area say about Dr. Kaveh and his team

Is Infusion Therapy Right for You?
Anxiety is a debilitating mental health condition that can lead to panic attacks, symbolized by this profile view of a head
Infusion and psychodynamic therapy

for anxiety and depression

"Dr. Kaveh, thank you so very much for your excellent care... continue to improve daily... A thousand thank you's!"

This profile view of a head symbolizes the severe impact major depressive disorder can have on our mind and body
Ketamine infusion

for depression

"Dr. Kaveh was very professional and a calming presence... [he has] allowed me to use lower doses of pain medication... I truly appreciated Dr. Kaveh's methods and believe he helped start my rehab off on the right path."

A profile view of a head symbolizing the effects of trauma and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)
Ketamine infusion and hypnotherapy

for PTSD

"This overall process was way better than my other experience... I was just kind of a train wreck"

Expand your potential to heal

You have more power over your health than you've probably ever been told